From Bings to Rainiers, Cherries are great for you! They are high in fiber, cholesterol free, and packed with flavor, Cherries are healthy for you!
We're more than just Washington Apples. See what we have to offer!
Carefully harvested from world class growing conditions in the Pacific Northwest and delivered to your local supermarket. Spot Sage Fruit labels near you!
There are over 225,000 acres of orchards in the Pacific Northwest grown in harmony with mother nature. Our orchards are as unique as our growers.
Farm with us and have fun with Sage Fruit, meet Apple Buddy!
From our Orchard to your home, there are many steps to reach our goal of delivering "An Exceptional Eating Experience".
Create excitement, add a splash of color to your category, drive sales and awareness with Sage Fruit POS!


Join Our Kids in Force Team!

Sage Fruit Company is dedicated to encouraging a healthy lifestyle in adults AND children! Nutritious eating and physical activity can be both simple and fun when you use the Sage Fruit Kids in Force tracking sheet. It’s really easy! All you have to do is log your fruit & veggie intake, and how much physical exercise you get. Once the sheet is full, you can return it for your choice of prizes. Join the team today!

Sage Fruit is a proud supporter of the Produce for Better Health (PBH) and the national health campaign, Fruits & Veggies- More Matters! 

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Proud member of the Produce Mom’s family of partners. !

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