Crazy Apples

Crazy Apples are delicious Washington apples flavored on the inside. They're just like a regular apple in nutrition, calories, shelf life and appearance. But one bit into one and you'll taste the difference!

A fun and exciting draw to the Produce Department
  • Offers novel flavor experience to consumers without sacrificing health benefits of regular apples
  • Gives non-produce buyers a reason to try fruit
  • Eye catching, approachable packaging appeals to kids and parents
  • Convenient pack sizes for flexible merchandising: stock single serve next to other single-pack, RTD or value-added produce items; stock stand-up multipacks low to grab kids' attention
Crazy Apples are available October - May

Limited-edition holiday and seasonal flavors also available


Fresh fruit nutrition – plus FUN
  • No added sugars or calories
  • No preservatives – same shelf like as a regular apple
  • 100% natural flavorings – no artificial ingredients
  • Free of soy, gluten, nuts and dairy; NO GMOs

Ordering – 14 Day lead time from order acceptance to ship date.

Shipping – Product must be kept refrigerated. Recommended 36° – 38° F degrees.

Shelf Life – 21 days from ship date.

Sales and marketing contact:
Sage Fruit Company
Chuck Sinks

Fabulous fruit wallpapers to spice up your desktop in Sage Fruit style.

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