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Washington is the largest apple-producing state in America. Annually, the state's harvest yields more than 100 million boxes of apples that are farmed on over 175,000 acres of land. At Sage Fruit, we work hard to bring you only the best varieties available.

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Oregon and Washington produce 84% of the nation’s fresh pear crop. By combining the right mix of volcanic soil, clean mountain water and warm spring and summer days, with cool nights, they produce some of the world’s finest pears.

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Cherries are one of the freshest produce items available. Ripened on the tree, cherries are generally harvested, packed and on the shelf of your favorite retailer within a matter of days.

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Organic Fruit

As the demand for Organic produce increases, Sage growers are actively transitioning their well-established orchards, while also planting new acreage of organic apples and pears.

Stone Fruit

The state of Washington is also known for their stone fruit, which includes apricots, peaches and nectarines. Sage Fruit Company offers a unique, tree-ripened program.

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